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Space Force

The Sky Is Not the Limit

Space is critical to our way of life and vital to our nation’s defense. The Space Force was created to keep our satellites safe and operational and develop technology to protect our interests both in space and on Earth. The Air Force Academy is here to train and inspire the men and women who are ready to lead these efforts.

Our Mission

The Air Force Academy is the premier undergraduate commissioning source for the Space Force. Its mission, along with the support of space Guardians, is to motivate, inform, influence and inspire cadets who are ready to become high-caliber officers in the Space Force.

Department of Astronautics
The Fundamental Skills for the Future

In 1958, the Air Force Academy formed the Department of Astronautics. This is where cadets learn the basics of satellites, rockets and the space domain. The department is also where you’ll find the majors and minors that are closely aligned with the Space Force and its careers.

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One-Of-A-Kind Programs
Shaping the Future Like No Other

The Air Force Academy offers programs, clubs and other unique opportunities students won’t find anywhere else. In addition, the Academy offers coursework that closely ties to the Space Force and its careers, making it the school of choice for students who want a career in space.

Here are just a few ways the Air Force Academy separates itself from other schools:

  • Rocketry Club

This cadet-led club works on a variety of rocket-propulsion research projects and will often hold STEM events for others who are interested in the future of rockets and space.

The i5 Club’s mission is to educate cadets on the ever-growing space domain. It includes its own mentorship program and hands-on experiences which help inspire cadets to become future Space Force officers.

The Space Systems Research Center designs, builds, tests and flies cadet-built, Department of Defense–backed satellites. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind place where cadets can receive a STEM-focused education while achieving real DOD objectives.

Space Force Careers
Discover a Career in Space

The Space Force’s officer positions are vital to the overall mission. These careers include: Space Operations Officer, Developmental Engineer, Intelligence Officer, Cyberspace Operations Officer and Acquisition Manager. You can find out more about these Space Force careers by clicking below.

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